At Sagitine, we create storage solutions to help you protect, preserve and, organise the things you treasure, so you can love them for longer.

Sagitine – Storage you want to see xx


Sagitine launched in 2014 with a vision to offer storage solutions that combine practical luxury and sustainability. Faced with the challenge of finding storage that was as beautiful as the treasures we cherished, we decided to create it ourselves.

Our aim is to design storage solutions that are not only beautiful, but also prioritize responsible sourcing and manufacturing. Our boxes are crafted with care using recycled and biodegradable hard card, which not only reduces our environmental footprint but also allows for better airflow around the treasures they keep compared to plastic, minimizing trapped moisture.

The Milan Shoe Box is the heart of the Sagitine collection, designed to perfectly fit a pair of shoes while serving a multitude of purposes, from storing small handbags and jewellery to preserving love letters, ties, or sunglasses.

The Miami Storage Box, the larger of our Boxes, features a purposefully tight fit that minimises  household dust within the Box .  Ideal for off-season items and delicate fabrics like cashmere or silk, it is also the perfect safe haven for handbags, hats, diaries, photos, albums, or family heirlooms.

The Sagitine range includes three Stands that all come complete with their Milan Boxes, a chic powder coated aluminium frame and finished with a truly luxurious walnut timber top.

The Florence Stand, perfect for bedside or side table use, holds 8 Milan Shoe Boxes; the Shanghai Stand, designed to fit seamlessly into any room, accommodates 14 Milan Shoe Boxes; and the New York Stand, the largest, houses 20 Milan Shoe Boxes, ideal for displaying a cherished shoe collection in a bedroom or walk-in robe.

Complementing our boxes are Leather Pulls and Handles, designed for easy customization with a flat-head screwdriver, allowing you to update the look of your Sagitine piece to suit your personal home interiors.

At Sagitine, we value the people, places, and things that inspire us to keep our world as lovely as possible. That extends to the Sagitine Range itself with our Product Stewardship Program – when any Sagitine piece is at the end of its life, instead of throwing it out please either pass it on or get in touch with us at info@sagitine.com and we’ll organise for it to be rehomed or returned for recycling or reimagining through our participating artists network.

We truly value a culture of cherishing and preserving, whether it's your personal treasures, our products, or our planet. We're grateful to have you join us on this journey.  Thank you for being here.

Heidi xx