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Milan Shoe Box - Rose

Milan Shoe Box - Rose

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L33.5 x W22.5 x H12.2cm

Crafted from dense high-quality recycled board, hand wrapped in Sagitine paper, and finished with Sagitine leather handles, our Milan Shoe Boxes are the heart of the Sagitine storage solution. 

The Sagitine Leather Pull that accompanies the box is designed to be interchangeable, giving you the option to update the aesthetic of the boxes to match your current styling without having to replace the boxes entirely.


Chic & Functional

Design to perfectly fit a pair of shoes but able to be used for so much more. The Milan Shoe Box is one of our all-time favourite pieces to help protect and organise any treasure. 

Use individually around the home, or stacked a-top one another for a space-efficient solution for everything from footwear, lingerie, and smaller fashion pieces to office equipment and kitchen essentials.

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